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this looks really fun!, can you add a Linux build?

I do think XNA has cross platform builds...

Thank you very much! 

I am working on a MonoGame version which supports cross platform builds. I might have a chance to make a Linux and Mac port :)


Oyunu videolaştırdım, umarım beğenirsiniz.

Thank you very much!

Çok teşekkürler!

Rica ederim.

i installed xna frame work and it doesent open

Hi, thanks for downloading.

Did you get an error? Do you have .Net Framework 4 and DirectX installed as well? 


Hi, um l already have XNA Framework 4.0 and the game doesn't run. l tried using the installer but ends in a error when l click repair. Should l remove and re-install the framework?

Deleted 38 days ago

Hi thanks for downloading!

I see that the XNA setup gives an error and stops installing on your system. Make sure XNA is installed properly. 

Try uninstalling any existing XNA files, restart your PC and reinstall XNA 4.0 Refresh. 

Do you have .Net Framework 4.0 installed? If not you can try that as well.

Let me know if you have any other problems, cheers!


Beautiful! Both visuals and audio. Amazing work, thanks for sharing!

On the game design side, I'd love to see some progression systems, perhaps similar to little inferno.

Keep being awesome <3


Thank you very much! I am very happy to hear you liked the game!

I had similar ideas but decided to keep the core mechanics very basic and get the game released after all these months spent in development :)

I am always open to suggestions and I might still add more things to the game, it is a really fun project!

And I assume you are from Turkey like me :)

Thank you very much for playing the game and commenting! <3


A full relaxation session. 😊


Thanks for the visit! Glad to hear you find it relaxing :)


It's a soothing game. Thanks. :)

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Thank you very much! And thanks a lot for the support!

I hope you will enjoy the game!


I just downloaded this game, its very nice! Thank you for making this game. I love it <3


Thank you very much! I am very glad to hear you enjoyed it!

It was a very fun project to work on and I am always happy to hear that people are having a good time with it! <3